7th Pay Commission: Good news! Central employees big update rules regarding promotion etc..

7th Pay Commission: There is good news for central employees. Accordingly, it has been reported that the order to increase the allowance of the employees by four percent will be issued soon.

7th Pay Commission
7th Pay Commission: Good news! Central employees big update rules regarding promotion etc..

7th Pay Commission Important Update: A big update has come for Central Employees. The employees who get the benefit of the 7th Pay Commission will be greatly benefited by this. An important change has been made in the rule for this. Accordingly, the office memorandum for the central employees has also been issued. It has clarified the rules regarding promotion.

Change in minimum requirement rule for promotion:

In this case, the employees will get promotion benefits under the 7th Pay Commission News. The Ministry of Defense has recently issued an order in this regard. Under the order issued, the minimum requirement for promotion of employees has been changed. All security personnel covered by the Pay Commission will be included in this amendment. Along with this, the criteria for promotion of service defense civil servants have been laid down.

The criteria for promotion are laid down as follows:

Meanwhile, according to the notification issued by the Ministry, it has been determined that the promotion of employees requires work experience at various levels. It requires 2 to 3 years of experience in Level 1. The Ministry of Defense said that these instructions have been issued with immediate effect. Through this all employees will be immediately promoted.

However, fulfilling the conditions and qualifications is mandatory. Accordingly Level 1 to 3 requires 3 years of experience. It is noted that for level 2 to 4, employees need 3 to 8 years of experience, while for promotion, employees up to level 17 can only be promoted if they have experience of 1 to 12 years.

Depreciation will soon be increased by four percent:

Meanwhile, it is believed that a four per cent hike in allowances for central employees for the July half-year has been fixed. A formal notification will be issued in this regard as soon as possible. And this allowance can be increased by 4 percent. Through this, the cost of employees can be increased to 46 percent. Apart from this, now the Ministry of Defense has also issued an order to give promotion benefit to the employees.

Bi-annual increase in depreciation

The gratuity rate for government employees is increased twice every year. The Finance Ministry of Govt approves it. This is determined by the Ministry of Labor in conjunction with the Industrial Inflation Statistics (AICPI). 1st January and 1st July are the fixed dates for increase in discount rates.

Notifications are usually released in the months of March and September. This rate hike is fixed based on inflation and incremental cost of central government employees.


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