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Google recently launched Task Mate App to earn money by doing simple tasks given by app itself. You can earn money using Task Mate Official app by Google product. Task Mate App can be downloaded from official Google Play Store or apk file from third party sources but make sure updated.

Task Mate App by Google
App Name Google Task Mate
CategoryMoney Earning Apps
DevleoperGoogle LLC
App Size Around 15 MB
AccessEarly Access beta

What is Google Task Mate 

Google Task Mate is Official google app to earn money by doing simple tasks. Earn money by doing tasks after reviewing by Google, money credited by to your account. Can withdraw amount by local currency.

  • Official app from Google
  • Earn Money by doing tasks
  • Claim out money from Google 

How to download Google Task Mate

 Google Task Mate app can be downloaded from Official Play Store App. Or can be downloaded from third party apk file using search engines.

  1. Go to Play Store
  2. Search “Task Mate” 
  3. Find Exact App 
  4. Click to Install

Finally App download can be completed

How to earn money from task mate

First you need to sign in the app using email id After that click to get started. Select app languages, you can choose upto three languages. After that register your location using to turn on location of your device.intially you are becoming whislist category.If you have referral code you can enter referral code you can participate before whislist. Otherwise you can wait upto get notified by app.

Task Mate App Money Earning Tasks View by Play Store

What are the tasks how to paid 

  • You can participate or skip task or go further.
  • The tasks are simple Relevant to your local business or local identify based.

The Tasks Given by Task Mate Apps are 

  1. Take photos of Shop front’s 
  2. Check shop details
  3. Record spoken sentences local languages
  4. Transcribe sentences

Your tasks are be like

  • Tasks under review
  • Tasks Completed
  • Correct Tasks 

after reviews you get money credited your wallet.

How to get google Task Mate Referral Code

If someone has referral code they just shared their referral code it may be available in internet, with wide range of search using this link you can get referral code, you can search most like links give such true or some genuine codes may try and check.

Other sources are youtube , facebook, twitter also had shared by people you also try this and check out may work.

How Task Mate App Paid out 

After Tasks Completed you can get paid out in local currency. Balance mainteined by dashboard and get paid out by wallet , g-pay by options given by Google Task mate.


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