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Facebook Ads Manager Create your ads reach business top level end users. Facebook Ads Marketing is the best business now to promote a business, product, any kind of e- business. Making very cheap prize marketing facebook gives a variety of ads campaigns such as ones who need business level.

Founder mark zuckerberg
Type Social media business
Ads name Facebook Ads campaign
Minimum amount need to run ads₹500 (In India )
Balance TypeWallet Balance
GeographyAll over world
Facebook ads Manager App

What is a facebook ads campaign?

Facebook Ads campaign is business promotion online ads selling only facebook and co-companies. Here are complete details about the facebook ads campaign.

  • Before, begin with ads create you must be sell something, or reach some products to people
  • To promote products, website, business 
  • Make advertisement of products both banner type, video types.
  • Reach out all over the world or particular area.

How to run facebook ads campaign

Before running a Facebook ads campaign you must on facebook with the following things.

  1. Need smartphone or laptop with internet connection
  2. Become facebook user or signup facebook.com
  3. Users with one ‘Page’ Should be created.
  4. Or create new Page in facebook mandatory
  5. Minimum ₹500 money with Debit Card, UPI, Credit Card any one of payment options.

Step by step procedure to run ads in facebook

  • After creating page your business product in page
  • Go to ads Manger in facebook or Install Ads Manger FB Application from Play Store
  • Add money to wallet balance ( minimum ₹500)
  • Now create Ad
  • Select any one of ads you need to promote
Ads Manager Mobile App
  1. Post engagement (Get more people to see and engage with your post)
  2. Video views (Promote your video to get people’s attention)
  3. A Website (traffic Send more people to your website. . Reach Show your ad to the maximum number of people.)
  4. Messages Get more people to message you in Messenger or Instagram Direct. (Page likes Get more people to see and engage with your Page)
  5.  Event responses (Get more people to see and respond to your event)
  • Finally Post image, or video, website page you need promote ads campaign
  • Select age , gender, geography of ads targeted
  • Select category of people interests
  • choose platforms (facebook, Instagram) to ads running and preview your ads.
  • Select how many days wants to run campaign
  • Click how many people’s can reach out a day adjust you need 

How to target people

Ads campaign is money based businesse we can’t just run campaign just blindly, we are going to invest money, so be careful don’t forget to select your valuable customers, never do a mistake makes misunderstanding leads ads will reach unpotenial customers.

  • If your products language based geography, or state within covered your potential are Select carefully
  • For example sell kitchen products Select only Female as potential reach
  • Suppose you target young graduates you need to select particular age group 


Facebook ads campaign is own interest based ads selling, read terms and conditions of facebook ads before do proper way. Because facebook restricted what type of ads can be run or not. So make sure before going.


Is Facebook ads campaign is free?

 No it’s paid service, you need small amounts as much you reach customers.

Is Facebook ads campaign needs become facebook user

Yes you need facebook account & a product page

Can I run Facebook ads campaign all over the world

Yes you can run Facebook ads all over world without any legal permission


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