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Namaste Yoga App download, NAMASTE YOGA App will be a global level  informative platform for people interested in making Yoga an essential  part of peoples’ life and being used from practicing Yoga Daily. The Ministry of Ayush will create the platform and give stakeholders (public, yoga institutions/ trainers etc.) for practicing & promoting YOGA and its benefits.

Namaste Yoga App download
Namaste Yoga !

Namaste Yoga App Highlights!

Find yoga Trainer’s, Center’s & Events

Yoga Aasanas

Ayush merchandise

Track fitness activities

Yoga videos

Celebrity Testimonials

Namaste Yoga App logo
Namaste Yoga Logo!

Namaste yoga app launched by?

The Ministry of Ayush presents Namaste Yoga App to echo the power of yoga worldwide . This App contributes to Whereas the Ministry of Ayush presents Namaste Yoga application to raise awareness about yoga and make it accessible for the community.

Namaste Yoga App Yoga to Citizens!

How to Download Namaste Yoga App?

 The Govt of India ministry published this app in various app stores. Clearly app available  google play store so no need to worry. Follow below procedures to namaste yoga apo download.

  • Open PlayStore / App Store
  • Search “Namaste Yoga App”
  • Find official logo given below
  • Install App Directly

How to use Namaste Yoga App?

  • For yoga trainers, yoga events you need enroll / Login to view more details
  •  After login you can see yoga events past, current & upcoming details
  • In fitness activity hour walking steps are counted and calories and kilometers counted and gives detailed report
  • For yoga videos you can watch without enroll easily
  • For celebrity testimonials watch how they teach yoga


WHO launched Namaste Yoga app?

Ministry of Ayush, Government Of India

Will Namaste yoga events are free!

The events that said it’s free or paid in its events column, maximum events are free.

Namaste yoga will access users location?

Yes, you can give location access for find nearby yoga events, trainees.

Can we see free yoga videos in namaste yoga app!

Yes, you can watch videos yoga instructions free.

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