talentnext.wipro.com – How to access PJP wipro pbl app login

talentnext.wipro.com – How to access PJP wipro pbl app login

Wipro pbl app login portal https://talentnext.wipro.com/PBLApp/. Those who PBL App ID from Wipro will Sign Up and Use the existing registered mail and password. The official login page of pbl login https://wiproaadb2c.b2clogin.com/WiproAADB2C.onmicrosoft.com/B2C_1A_SAML_signup_signin/samlp/sso/login/. Will give access direct to the login pbl. This article will discuss about Wipro pbl app login and access.

pbl app login – Wipro

After that you will get mail from Desk of PJP Head, Talent Transformation Team, and Wipro. The message is your PJP course is enabled and please finds the attached sign in process and login PBL app. And the message you can refer the the attached document and follow login process as explained below.

How to Login pbl wipro?

  1. First Visit to official pbl login page  https://talentnext.wipro.com/PBLApp/

  2. Locate Sign Up And Click there

  3. Enter the Email Address

  4. Click to Send Verification Code to Email Address

  5. Check mail and Enter Verify  Code

  6. After that Create New Password and Confirm it Again

  7. Enter Display Name and Given Name Sur name

  8. Now Again Come Back and Sign

  9. Enter Email Address

  10. Enter Password

  11. Click to Sign in

    pbl app login

Wipro PJP Course 2022 ELITE Engineers

First you need PBL App ID from Wipro and Enter Your ID And Click to Proceed.

  • View your Submitted Profile
  • Copy your Super Set ID
  • Now You entered the pre-joining program
  • There is Two Options i) PJB Foundation ii) PJB Core
  • In PJB Foundation OS Tips, Data base Tips, Oops Concepts, Web Programing Videos are Available to Learn
  • You Can Also Play Quiz on Each Above Topics
  • Motivation, IT Trends and PJB Core Videos and Quiz’s will access on same manner
pbl app ID wipro
pbl app ID wipro

PJB Core PBL App

In PJB Core Project based Learning, Collaborate Learning, Discussion, Self Directed Learning, Logic Building Module, Milestone Assessment, Automated Evolution options are available. Click to PJB Core And Click to Start . The Following Modules are available.

pbl app wipro
pbl app wipro
  • CC Tracker Guide
  • Code Completion Tracker
  • Logic Builder
  • JAVA Fundamentals and etc
pbl app

You can also do Mini Projects, Various Topics to learn. Please visit official portal login https://talentnext.wipro.com/PBLApp to know more details.

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