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Seed Portal Odisha (http://odishaseedsportal.nic.in), is the need of the hour and an initiative of Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Odisha which aims to provide single window platform on Management Information System (MIS) about various aspects of seeds such as crop production, distribution, and certification etc. of agricultural field crops only, with reference to Odisha.

Odisha Seeds Portal  – odishaseedsportal.nic.in

Farmers are backbone of our country in terms of production and food process chain. If seed is good, farmers can produce good in case of agricultural products and gains better income for his family. Also Odisha Seeds Portal that odishaseedsportal.nic.in is allowing farmers registration and they can view status and access of new updates in technology.  The site provides information for farmers, scientists and extension personnel as listed below

  • Information about farmers’ variety of the state, registered with PPV & FRA.
  • Information about varieties developed by OUAT, CRRI & other research institutions and released for the state of Odisha by State Seed Sub-Committee for Agricultural Crops. The same will help farmers in choosing right variety suiting to their agro ecology.
  • Details of legislation and enforcement on seeds.
  • Dealers can obtain afresh and renew seed license through the online seed licensing system.
  • Real-time information of progress on seed certification in the state.
  • Information to track seed production and distribution in the state through this portal.
  • Provides seed price, resource materials, seed statistics, orders/circulars, success stories and other various aspects of seed.
  • Many other information pertaining to seeds.

Login Farmer Odisha – agrisnetodisha.ori.nic.in

Using these agrisnetodisha portal farmers can login and see the status of seed details. So here is the procedure for login odisha seed portal.

Go to the official site http://agrisnetodisha.ori.nic.in/stock/login.aspx

Enter User ID

Enter Password

Fill Verification Code Shown Below

Click to Login Enter the Dashboard

Farmer Identification – agrisnetodisha.ori.nic.in

  • Go to http://agrisnetodisha.ori.nic.in/stock/farmer/FarmerInquiry.aspx
  • Enter Your Voter ID  Number
  • Submit and Get Details

Farmers List- seed portal odisha

  • Go to http://agrisnetodisha.ori.nic.in/stock/farmer/FarmerList.aspx
  • Select district
  • Select village
  • Select block
  • Select status
  • Choose Gram Gram Panchayat
  • Search and view the farmer list
seed portal odisha farmers list
seed portal odisha farmers list

Search Seed Varity – agrisnetodisha.ori.nic.in

  • First Visit http://agrisnetodisha.ori.nic.in/stock/farmer/VarietySearch.aspx
  • Select District
  • Select Crop Name
  • Select Crop Varity
  • Click to See the List Of Crop Varity

Details – odishaseedsportal.nic.in

Portal NameOdisha Seed Portal
Directorate of Agriculture & Food Production,
Govt. of Odisha
Email[email protected]/[email protected]

For more details visit offcial webiste http://odishaseedsportal.nic.in/

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