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Telegram is the top grossing social app which recently updated the next generation update “People Nearby”. Using nearby options in Telegram you can find nearby people without worry. Also telegram gives local business opportunities by creating a local group.

Telegram “People Nearby”

Telegram “People Nearby” 

 Telegram initially comes with nearby futures equal to whatsapp messenger. Both platforms are top grossing social apps leading one another. Telegram files are being downloaded at any time. Also telegram group files are visible from the first post for new group users. In addition, the fabulous future launched “People Nearby” is a very interesting business nature option by Telegram. For what you need, the following things are ready in your mobile.

  • First you need to Install “Telegram” from play store
  • If already installed means update latest version of telegram app
  • GPS enabled mobile phone is mandatory to use this facility
  • Must be set a profile photo
  • Also Location permission should be granted by phone.
Creating Local Group Location Based!

How to Use Telegram “People Nearby”

 Telegram Messenger app is always ready to counter competition in communication with ultra new features. Recently it released users can turn their group voice chats into video conference calls become great news in social media. So here is how to use Telegram “People Nearby”.

  1. Open Telegram App
  1. Sign Up and Sign in by using OTP 
  1. If already become user please update app
  1. In main menu find “People Nearby”
  1. Click to “People Nearby”
  1. Turn on Location of your device
  1. After you can see nearby telegram users list
  1. Also find nearby local group

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Uses of Telegram “People Nearby”

 Using Telegram “Groups Nearby”  you can grow your local business. You can also create a Nearby Local Group to become successful in local marketing. 


What is the “People Nearby” Telegram?

People Nearby is a feature of Telegram to find location based users nearby.

How to create local nearby group

Using the nearby option in telegram you can create a local group to grow your local business.

Is “People Nearby” free ?

Telegram is giving this service free of cost 

Can “People Nearby” access your location?

Yes Telegram is access your location with your permission for this service


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