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TNEB Aadhaar Upload Online – Tangedco has started the process of linking the electrical service connection of home customers to their Aadhaar numbers. This is because a recent government ruling says that subsidies must still be collected.

The Tamil Nadu government stated in a GO dated October 6 that an eligible citizen hoping to benefit from the subsidy schemes must provide proof of Aadhaar number existence or undergo Aadhaar authentication.

link aadhar to neb –

“Consumers can also link Aadhaar while making an EB bill payment online because the payment link has been configured to prompt them,” the official explained.
Those who pay their bills in person at the local office counter can provide a copy of their Aadhaar card to link their service connection.

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How to Link Aadhaar in TNEB ltd –

Here is the Procedure for TNEB Aadhaar Upload Online:-

  1. First go to TNEB Adhaar upload link directly

  2. Enter your Service Connection Number 

  3. Enter your Linked Mobile Number and Generate OTP

  4. Enter OTP and in to the Aadhaar upload dashboard

  5. Now Select Occupation Details as Owner or Tenant

  6. Now Enter Aadhaar Number

  7. Enter Name in Aadhaar Card

  8. Now Upload Scanned Aadhaar copy 300kb JPEG File

  9. Finally click to check box and declare

  10. Submit and Link your Aadhaar card to TNEB

    TNEB Aadhaar Upload Online www.bit.iy/tneblink

tneb aadhaar link online

  • At the present time, the Aadhar linkage with the Service Number is only available for the Domestic, Powerloom, Agricultural, and Hut services.
  • The Aadhaar card must be submitted as a 300KB.jpg or.jpeg file.
  • The service connection number must be typed exactly as it appears on the receipt or in the text message you received.
TNEB Aadhaar Upload Online
Consumer Number By SMS
TNEB Aadhaar Upload Online
Consumer Number By Bill
TNEB Aadhaar Upload Online
Consumer Number By Online

Check Details – Click here

www tnebltd gov in aadhaar upload

In addition to households, subsidized connections include places of worship, shack dwellers (free supply), agricultural connections, handloom connections (first 200 units free, charges as per domestic slab for subsequent consumption), and powerloom connections (first 750 units free and charges as per domestic slab for subsequent consumption).

Tangedco authorities, on the other hand, stated that the initiative is just to generate proper data on those receiving subsidies in accordance with Union government rules, and that those who do not link Aadhaar will have their subsidies reduced.

tneb aadhaar link mandatory

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) has mandated that all customers link their Aadhaar cards in order to receive the subsidy. The aadhaar card is now accepted in all official government processes as proof of identity.

tneb aadhaar link last date

TNEB still not officially disclose the last date for upload aadhaar in portal But we recommend to upload aadhaar as soon as possible to get more benefit from Tangedco ltd. If you are updating aadhaar using TNEB Billing Counter, It should be noted furnish aadhaar before November 30, 2022 to avoid additional penalty charges TNEB told.

Direct Link TNEB Connection with Aadhaar – Click here

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