Valentine Week 2023: Valentine’s Week is starting from tomorrow, know which day to celebrate, see full list

Valentine’s Week 2023 List: Valentine’s Week is going to start tomorrow. Different days are celebrated from February 7 to February 14.. Learn about the special days that occur during these seven days.

The month of February is called the month of love. Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14, but even before Valentine’s Day, there are many special days that people celebrate. It has been named Valentine’s Week. Every loving person around the world likes to celebrate this Valentine’s Week in a very special way. Different days are celebrated in Valentine’s Week from February 7 to February 14. Know, which day is celebrated on which day in Valentine’s Week.

Rose Day on 7th February

This is the first day of Valentine’s Week, on which people celebrate on 7 February. On this special day, you can express your heart by giving red roses to your partner. Married couples can also celebrate this day in their own style. Red rose is a symbol of love, so don’t forget to give rose to whoever you love.

propose day on 8th February

Propose Day is the second day of Valentine’s Week. This day is eagerly awaited by every person who is in love with someone. Finds excuses to express his heart, but does not succeed. Propose Day gives an opportunity to such people so that they can express their love.

Chocolate Day on 9th February

On Chocolate Day, you can make this day special for your partner, special friend by gifting lots of chocolates. Many types of flavored chocolates are available in the market. Buy any favorite chocolate and give it to your partner to tell how much you love them.

teddy day on 10 February

Girls like teddy a lot. On the fourth day of Valentine’s Week, you can celebrate this day by giving a cute teddy to your friend or partner. There are many varieties of teddies available in the market, definitely buy any cute teddy out of them.

Promise Day on 11 February

The fifth day of Valentine’s Week is Promise Day. On this day, loving couples, married couples promise to love and support each other throughout their life. You can also make this day special by making a similar promise to your partner.

Hug Day on 12 February

It is said that by giving a loving magic hug, all the pain and sorrow gets reduced. You should also hug your partner on the sixth day of Valentine’s Week and tell them how important they are to you.

Make Red Velvet Cake on Valentine’s Day

Kiss Day is celebrated on the seventh day of Valentine’s Week. Whoever you love, show them that they are everything for you by giving them a lovely kiss on their forehead and hands. You only love them. By giving a kiss, you can express your love and feelings.

Valentine’s Day on February 14

Lastly comes Valentine’s Day, which everyone eagerly waits for. On this day, the color of love dissolves everywhere. Valentine’s Day is very special for couples, love birds and everyone likes to spend more time with their love on this day. Be it married people or loving couples, on this day everyone already plans to give a special surprise to each other. Lunch, go to dinner, give gifts, watch a romantic movie.


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