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The government of India’s Ministry of Education launched the Vidyanjali 2.0 programme with the goal of strengthening schools nationwide via community and business sector engagement. Various volunteers from the Indian Diaspora, including young professionals, retired teachers, former government officials, retired professionals, NGOs, private sector and public sector businesses, corporate institutions, and many more, would be connected to schools through this program.

What is Vidyanjali 2.0

Vidyanjali is a combining of the Sanskrit terms Vidya, which means “right understanding” or “clarity,” and Anjali, which means “an offering with both hands.”

In Vidyanjali, there are two verticals where volunteers may help the government-run and government-aided schools: “Participate in school Service/Activity” and “Contribute Assets/Material/Equipment.” The following are some vertical and general categories that volunteers can assist.

Vidyanjali 2.0 school registration

Vidyanjali 2.0 school registration

  • First go to
  • Click to School Registration
  • Schools can sign up on the Vidyanjali site by entering their basic information. On the Vidyanjali portal, individuals, NGOs, and organization can register as volunteers.
  • To register your school, click the right panel on the login screen.
    The registration page for the school will appear
  • To find out your school’s UDISE number, contact the district/block MIS coordinator by clicking the link.
  • To register the institution, use the submit button.
  • You may log in and publish services, activities, and requests for assets, materials, and equipment after successfully registering.

Vidyanjali 2.0 Portal Registration as a Volunteer

  • First go to
  • Click to Volunteer Registration
  • You must choose options like individual volunteer registration (India), individual volunteer registration as a (NRI / PIO), NGO, and organisation when you arrive at this page.
  • Choose the first option if you are an individual and are an Indian citizen. Put in your complete name, email address, cellphone number, country code, and the OTP you will get on your registered mobile number.
  • Select the terms and conditions, and then click the register button to complete the process.
Volunteer Registration

Login process on Vidhyanjali 2.0 portal

You can log in to this portal if you have already registered on the VIDHYANJALI Portal. You only need an username and a password, which you have when you register.

  • Visit the homepage of Vidyanjali 2.0’s official website to log in.
  • A green login button may be seen in the top right corner of the website’s home page. When you click on it, a new page will load on your computer screen.
  • If available, log in directly at
  • The login page offers three choices. Sign in as an Indian volunteer, an NRI volunteer, and a student.
  • Once selecting your selection based on your needs, enter your mobile number. After one or two seconds, click the Get OTP button.
  • You’ll get the OTP on your mobile phone. Enter the OTP and press the submit button on the webpage.
  • You will eventually get at Vidyanjali 2.0’s dashboard.


Portal NameVidyanjali 2.0
AuthorityMinistry of Education
ObjectiveStrengthen Schools 
School RegistrationClick here
Volunteer RegistrationClick here
Vidyanjali 2.0Click here

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