Director Koratala Siva's Acharya starring Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan, talks about dharma, illegal mining and the importance of our roots

The father-son duo tried their best to keep things interesting in Acharya.

Chiranjeevi gets a lackluster introduction and everything goes for a toss as the story progresses. 

Be it the Banjara song in the second half or Ram Charan's introduction scene, we can count the scenes which made people go wow

The rest of the story is so bland that you start to question whether you came to a Koratala Siva film or booked tickets for a different flick.

The story of Acharya is as old as the hills and the screenplay deserves fresh elements. The film lacked high points, which could have made the proceedings interesting.

Chiranjeevi's Acharya and Ram Charan's Siddha are fighting for a cause. Siddha wants Acharya to carry on with the mission even if something happens to him

Now, this is a perfect setup for emotionally-charged sequences. However, you feel nothing, even during an important moment before the climax.