Dhaakad movie review: Kangana Ranaut, Divya Dutta do the heavy lifting in this slick action film

A slick action film that is also coherent – Kangana Ranaut-Divya Dutta-Arjun Rampal film is an achievement.

Dhaakad (a formidable name indeed) being India’s rare woman-centric action film, there are actually two women who do most of the heavy-lifting here,

 pretty effortlessly at that – Kangana Ranaut as the protagonist Agent Agni, and Divya Dutta as Rohini

The brain, financial mind, emotional support and much, much more of a criminal ring dealing in coal and trafficking of women.

The two confrontations  Dhaakad makers are clearly going for Agni’s fighting abilities, and Rudraveer’s villainy, played to hamming over-effect by Arjun Rampal.

We are getting used to this off-kilter Rampal now, covered in tattoos, rings, fur-lined long coats and experimental hair styles.

If the film’s first 20-odd minutes are rip-offs of Hollywood’s assembly line action thrillers, where people kill and die before you have even settled down for your popcorn

When the film gets into twists-and-turns territory, and becomes a one-woman revenge saga, Dhaakad offers no surprises