Easter customs vary across the world. Some churches start Easter festivities with a midnight mass on Holy Saturday or Easter Eve

Some examples of non-religious Easter traditions include a treasure hunt like search for Easter eggs

40-day period during which believers fast and practise abstinence while a lot of churches hold sunrise services to observe the start of the Easter day.

Easter is celebrated as a joyous occasion and the Sunday prior is called Palm Sunday which marks the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem

The eating of chocolate eggs, however, is a fairly recent tradition, which started in France and Germany in the 19th century

Chocolate-filled eggs or brightly painted eggs with sweets inside are common gifts exchanged on Easter. People choose to loosen their purse strings and splurge on the Easter weekend as the celebrations arrive after a 40-day lent period

Easter eggs mimic the idea of the hunt for an Easter egg during the festival. These could be hidden messages, characters or images. It’s like a little secret that the software programmers or directors want to share, yet be discreet about them

It is a fun and engaging activity to look for these Easter eggs because it usually reveals more about the character or the plotline.