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Telangana Diagnostics Program Loginn – login/. Telangana Diagnostics Login, Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of Telangana, Telangana Diagnostics has been leading program for Government of Telangana and a great deal of positive press got for the consistent execution of the program conveyance. The conveyance of free diagnostics has been an enormous achievement and aided expanding number of footfalls at the public authority emergency clinics. At the point when the program was started, it began with only 50 communities in Hyderabad taking up the administrations with Central Hub situated at IPM premises at Narayanaguda. The underlying example load was under 2000 examples each day which were moved to Hub regularly for the testing.

Telangana Diagnostic Program Login!
Telangana Diagnostic Program Login!

Telangana Diagnostics

Telangana Diagnostics Program began in January 2018 in Hyderabad. This drive is first of its sort inhouse drive where quality indicative administrations are given to free to public. This drive intended to decrease expanding cash based costs brought about by patients even in government medical clinics as not every one of the tests are accessible, untrustworthy testing strategies followed, absence of most recent gear at the premises and furthermore inaccessibility of lab professionals that are prepared on the most recent hardware. While many state legislatures picked reevaluating the free diagnostics program to outsider merchants, Government of Telangana chose to assemble its own foundation and a conveyance system around it.

Telangana Diagnostics Objectives

As a feature of the program, presently 57 kinds of blood and pee tests are tried for medical problems. This is a lot higher than whatever some other government conveys across India under this NHM program. Alongside this, 3 more radiology tests are being conveyed across 8 Mini Hubs where X-Ray administrations, ECG Services and Ultra Sound Services are conveyed. At the appointed time, the smaller than expected center points will be expanded by another 8-13 additional focuses. Additionally Health Department is assessing conveying free MRI and CT Scanning administrations at the appointed time of time.

Wellbeing office is setting up one more arrangement of 36 region centers across the state with somewhere around 1 center point in each locale. For greater areas, in light of the geological conditions, two focal centers are additionally being arrangement. Sooner or later of time, every one of the offices across the state are associated with the closest center point in conveying free diagnostics program across the state.

Telangana Diagnostics Login

How to Telangana Diagnostics Login ?

  1. Go to Offcial Portal Of Telangana Diagnostics Website,

  2. Enter Username Password Assigned by Authority

  3. Click to Login login


Who is authority of Telangana Diagnostics Portal

Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of Telangana

When Telangana Diagnostics Program started?

Its Started in January 2018 in Hyderabad

How Many hubs Across the State?

Health department is setting up another set of 36 district hubs across the state with at least 1 hub in each district.

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