TNEB tangedco aadhaar link owner or tenant –

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Tamil Nadu Government has issued several notifications to link Aadhaar with electricity number. For this, users can easily link Aadhaar number with electricity connection number online. A link has been published for this purpose. In this case, users who have more than one power connection in more than one account will not have any problem in linking the same Aadhaar number with more than one power connection number, according to the government. According to reports, the majority of people who have more than one phone number have only one cell phone number.

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tangedco aadhaar link owner or tenant –

Also, tenants paying monthly rent to landlords are provided a facility to link their Aadhaar card with the electricity connection number of the rental location. Similarly, renters can also link their Aadhaar cards with the electricity connection number of their rented accommodation.

tneb aadhaar link status check online –

You can login to check aadhaar upload status by following process and also upload aadhaar as fresh.

Here is the procedure for tneb aadhaar update online?

  1. Visit the site

  2. You will get a form where you’ll have to enter your Service Connection Number.

  3. Enter your mobile number linked to service number

  4. Now Fill the Code Shown below

  5. Confirm your mobile number by generating OTP. Enter the OTP and verify your account.

  6. Fill in the occupant’s details

  7. Enter the Aadhar card number that you want to link with your TANGEDCO account.

  8. Enter your name as it is mentioned on your Aadhaar

  9. Upload your Aadhaar ID

    tangedco aadhaar link owner or tenant

A special online link has been published by TANGEDCO to link Aadhaar card with electricity connection number. Public can easily link Aadhaar by visiting this website

tneb aadhaar link online last date

It has been announced that while paying the electricity bill, the public can link the Aadhaar number with the relevant electricity connection number while paying the electricity bill. The Electricity Department has requested the users to take advantage of this facility. In this situation, the electricity department has also given up to December 31 to the users who have not linked their Aadhaar number to pay the electricity bill.

TNEB Aadhaar Link Online – Click here

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